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Takeoff and Estimating Software for the Construction Industry

Streamline the Estimating Process

Reduce the time taken to produce estimates whilst also increasing the accuracy – and reduce the need for print-outs and manual review. PlanSwift has taken the hours, or sometimes days, it would have taken to finish a takeoff by hand and reduce it to a quick and easy process.

Take it to the Next Level

Whilst Planswift is a great take-off tool it does so much more! Most people just use it to complete the digital take-off and then copy the data into Excel. However, you can also create full templates with build up of materials, plant and labour and apply these to your take-offs to generate a full estimate. These templates can be applied to all your estimates, and any adjustments can be saved and carried through, or just used as a one-off.

Planswift Takeoff

Planswift Digital Takeoff

Planswift Estimate from Template

Planswift Estimate using Template

What We Offer

Planswift Licences

JETenterprises are an authorised reseller for Planswift and we are able to supply standalone or network licences. Please contact us for pricing and further details.


JETenterprises are an authorised trainer for Planswift in the UK and we offer basic and advanced courses, delivered on site at your offices. This means that courses can be tailored for your industry and requirements, whilst maintaining a core curriculum.


We offer consultancy services to enable you to get the most out of Planswift with the minimum of input. As part of this we can identify and compile Parts & Assembly templates for you, design Excel integrations to deliver your standard estimate templates direct from Planswift as well as integrating Planswift output with other applications to ensure that you do not have to re-enter any data – reducing the opportunity for error.

Planswift Basic Estimate

Planswift Basic Estimate Spreadsheet

Planswift Edit Part

Planswift Part Properties – specify wall height/ wall sides, wastage etc

Planswift Template Items

Create Part Information for Template – including calculations