PC Security

PC and Server Security

What are the risks?

Writing malicious software is no longer the preserve of the isolated hacker.   It’s now a major international criminal enterprise.  Hackers will use any route or vulnerability to get into your systems.

Our Solution

AVG Reseller

AVG Cloudcare is the best way to protect your IT systems.  It is easy to use and manage and is cost-effective.


  • Malicious Emails
  • Malicious Websites
  • Windows Vulnerabilities
  • Infected USB  & DVD Drives
  • The Internet


  • Lost Data
  • Lost Working Time (whilst damaged / infected machines are repaired & restored)
  • Lost reputation – especially from sending spam

PCs and Servers

  • Complete PC Security
  • Identifies malicious links on websites and in social media appications such as Skype
  • Protects from malicious and spam emails
  • Protects against viruses from all sources

Online & Cloud

  • Enables you to block access to inappropriate web sites (eg gambling, alcohol)
  • Allows you to control access to ‘leisure’ sites such as Facebook
  • Allows you to protect all your devices including phones and tablets