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Our fast and effective support helps keep your IT, and your business, running smoothly.

Achieving Your Business Outcomes

We take time to understand exactly what you want to achieve and then advise solutions that will enable you to do just that.  Every business is different so we don’t have a standard ‘template’ that we apply – we agree with you exactly what you need.

We use our knowledge and expertise to propose the most efficient and cost effective way to implement a solution that works for you.

Preventing Faults

Whilst we ensure that each business that we work with gets the right solution for them, two elements that we build in to that solution are resilience and pro-active monitoring.  This means that faults are rare and are usually fixed before they have a chance to impact on your business.


Flexible Contracts

Our contracts are flexible and user-friendly.  We don’t use contracts to tie businesses into paying for services that they no longer want or need.  We never use automatic roll-overs or exit clauses.  We want to build a trusted long-term relationship so that our customers know that we are giving the best solutions for you.

Fixing Faults

Our skills and experience mean that faults do get fixed quickly.  Initially we use remote access, so that we can start resoluting issues straight away.  If necessary, we will come to your site and provide hands-on support.

We have a call logging system that is also provided to clients so that you can choose the best way to contact us – for example phone for urgent calls and logged requests for non-urgent.

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Consultancy & One-off Projects

As well as providing long-term support, we are also able to work with you to ensure one-off projects are a success.  Examples of these kind of projects are:

  • Upgrading all PCs to Windows 10
  • Server upgrades and installations
  • Office Relocation or Expansion

Working with Your Team

If you already have someone on your team who provides IT Support, we are very happy to work with them.  We have a proven track record of integrating into existing teams to provide additional expert knowledge or simply additional manpower.